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As the name suggests, individual therapy sessions are one-on-one sessions between the therapist and child to work on treatment goals.  Therapy activities may target goals directly or indirectly, may be skills-based, incorporate elements of insight or self-awareness, as well as others. Therapy with younger children typically involves more activity-based interaction, such as playing a board game, targeted therapeutic games, and/or unstructured play, with some discussion and conversation; while therapy with a teenager/adolescent is likely to be more conversationally-based, with some sessions incorporating activity-based learning. Providers select therapy modalities proven to have the greatest impact to improve client function.

Katrina Fairchild Provider

Katrina Fairchild, LPC (previously Katrina Auwaerter, LPC)

Stephanie Vidrine Provider

Stephanie Vidrine, PhD, LP, LSSP

Ann-Marie Ferrera Provider

Ann-Marie Ferrera, LPC-S

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