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Hello, I'm Katrina Fairchild, LPC
(previously: Katrina Auwaerter, LPC)

Are you a parent who feels they have tried everything with your child, but they still aren’t listening, following directions and have extreme emotional outbursts?  Is your child getting kick out of school for these same behaviors? 

Are you a teen tired of feeling anxious, depressed, stressed out and overwhelmed?

Are you a child, trying to find the right language to communicate how you are feeling with your parent, but unsure how?

I have spent my career specializing in helping to create strong parent-child bonds and walking through struggles with individuals.  My goal for every family and individual walking through my doors, is to ensure I am the best fit therapist for you and can provide you a safe, comfortable environment.  My commitment and promise to you is to be informative, supportive and challenge you, when needed to ensure treatment goals are being met. 

Schedule with me TODAY!

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